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Message From CEO

• J.P.S Oilfield Chemistry is an Oilfield Chemical Manufacturer that dedicates a lot of resources to provide Chemical Innovative Solutions for Oilfield Chemistry seeking "CHEMISTRY INNOVATION".

• At J.P.S we believe in adding value to our clients by eliminating any possible Errors or Risks, that is a very tough target to set for your firm but we always have faith that we can do it Right from the First time till Last.

• J.P.S is driven by Focus and Dedication of resources to become Oilfield Chemical Technologies Manufacturer – "CHEMISTRY INNOVATION" – that works closely with clients to understand their operation challenges very well, set up a technical team to find an innovative technology solution based on "CHEMISTRY INNOVATION" concept, which would lead to Candidate Successful Formulation; Resolving and Overcoming Oilfield Challenges.

• That is why J.P.S spends more than 5% of its Annual Turnover on its Research and Development to seek producing Innovative, Technology Driven, Quality Consistent, and Cost Efficient Product Development.

• Yes, we realize that Product Cost has to be extremely Effective and Competitive; Products have to have Ultra-High Quality Standards besides Production Consistency and Regular Supply Capacity Every Time All Times.

• Thus we implemented highest quality standards and managed ISO Certification for our facility as we perform all operations in a very strict adherence to global quality assurance and quality control Standards to become Oilfield Chemicals Technologies Provision. "CHEMISTRY INNOVATION"


• J.P.S started its journey 2010 as Strategic Partner with professional manufacturers; we learnt that Manufacturing Quality Assurance and Quality Control determines Product Perception and Reputation; thus J.P.S adopted Market Leadership Path gained to implement strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control Policy.

• J.P.S Accumulates a lot of years of experience when acquired a chemical manufacturing facility that had been in operation since 1980s plus its Employees Extensive Engineering and Field Experience, these add up to its existing capabilities nowadays.

• J.P.S Management Team devotes to interpret those accumulated years of experience and current Chemical Manufacturing Capabilities to present customized chemical formulations to overcome Oilfield Challenges with Excellence and "CHEMISTRTY INNOVATION".

About us

J.P.S OILFIELD CHEMISTRY F.Z.E. is an ISO certified Chemical Manufacturer at Ajman Free Zone, United Arab Emirates. J.P.S have established our footprint as a chemical manufacturer with consistent quality Oilfield Chemical Products covers most phases of operations from Drilling through Production and Pipeline Transportation. J.P.S Oilfield Chemistry have manufactured Millions of Lbs of molecules implementing highest levels of quality control and quality assurance aspects includes inspecting all inbound and outbound molecules by our ATR FTIR spectrometer.