Fine Chemicals

Supply of Chemicals
JPS aspires to be regional as well as world class chemical providers with unbeatable qualities, and to grow in diversified global market of chemicals and deliver more advanced technology products with competitive rates through our principals. JPS managed to establish strong, innovative and progressive business partnerships with international chemical manufacturers such as Oren Hydrocarbons, and DESHI Group.

JPS as a Market Lead for Oren Hydrocarbons

JPS as a leading diligent company in managing anything regards petroleum activities; has established an undefeated alliance with Oren Hydrocarbons, a one-to-one relationship. JPS is one of the main presenters of Oren Hydrocarbons in many projects; Oren Hydrocarbons provides JPS with any fine chemicals needed in the production process. Oren Hydrocarbons Private Limited was incorporated in the year 1990 as a pioneer in the chemical supply industry with an ISO Certification. It has its Registered and Administrative office in Chennai, India. Oren Hydrocarbons is considered to be one of the largest chemical providers passing through many ports in delivering its products; where ever you are, they will reach you.

JPS – Shandong Deshi Group Partnership
Deshi Chemical is now the leading supplier of oilfield chemicals in three major Chinese oilfields. The products and services have been widely proved in the past 8 years by Chinese and Overseas customers. Deshi Chemical has two research centers with four research teams. The four teams focus on Enhanced Oil Recovery, EOR Fluid Treatment, Heavy Oil Thermal Recovery and Water Oil Treatment Equipment respectively.

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