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Fine Chemicals

Fine Chemicals
JPS for petroleum services is a leading supplier for drilling fluid chemicals. Based on vast knowledge of oilfield industry and being a co-manufacturer of one of the largest manufacturers worldwide; Oren Hydrocarbons, we guarantee high quality chemicals ready for immediate delivery upon request by our customers.

water separation

Water Separation Technology
JPS is proudly presenting EVTN Technologies in the Middle East region since 2010. JPS managed to introduce EVTN Technologies to Kuwait and Egypt operating companies. Enviro-Voraxial Technology, Inc. (OTCBB “EVTN”) is the Fort Lauderdale, Florida based developer and manufacturer of the Voraxial® Separator, a high volume liquid/liquid, liquid/solid or liquid/liquid/solid separation technology. The Voraxial® performs separation without pressure                               drop.


Completion Tools & Services
Through our diligent Co-Manufacturer Sparta oil tools we succeeded to present Completion fluids services to the Middle East Market with a new Definition. Our portfolio of completion tools is quite professional and well picked for the various uses of the industry. The Completion Tools product service line provides the design, selection and installation of equipment and procedures to maximize well production.


Waste Management & Bioremediation
Keeping our environment from any harm is one of the most ethical attitudes that we follow, taking the advantage of bringing the raw materials from under the ground requires us to make the pre & post cautions in order not to leave any harm wastes after our drilling process, waste management and bioremediation solutions which are provided by our co- manufacturers like Novazyames is the best active way to vanish any waste apparent problems.

Gas Distribution

Gas Distribution
Partnership & Alliance with Lootah gas is one of the largest gas distributing companies in the middle east which was responsible for the gas distribution of Dubai festival city. JPS enjoys expanded access to experienced and highly skilled professionals, the company has established its own extensive in-house professional capabilities. Further success lies with the Company’s ability to select appropriate resources required to execute major assignments in a                               responsible matter.

JPS Tank

Filtration units, tanks, skids, pumps, screens, shakers, centrifuges are examples of the list of equipments JPS can provide. All designs are made in accordance to the highest standardized specifications as stated in the specialized industry. The list is endless and includes well enhancement, completion tools, drills, etc…


Mud Engineering Consultancy
A more than 100 years is JPS experience in the oil field, which is considered a lightening candle for the largest operating companies in the region, JPS consultancy is a vital need for those who seeks an imposing position in the market, we provide a well trained mud consultants engineers in the region & services.


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